Calvert Street's Methodology

Calvert Street's Methodology

Control the message.

At Calvert Street Group we understand that each client's success hinges upon our ability to quickly define the issue – from all angles. Long before reaching the legislature or ballot, citizens and decision makers must understand why the specific issue or initiative is beneficial for them. We achieve this success by building an authentic and project–specific message through knowledge gained from “on the ground” interviews and information gathering.

Build Support.

Calvert Street Group takes pride in starting at the grassroots level and incorporating information from real, on-the-ground research. The goal is to develop supporters into a movement that will advocate for our clients in places where traditional consulting firms do not—around the dinner table, at church, or in the barbershop. We empower local support groups with the tools, knowledge, and direction necessary to take the lead in their own communities.


Message control and coalition building are integral pieces of our clients' successes. Calvert Street Group arms clients with trained professionals that provide the rigorous campaign skills necessary to win approval on controversial projects, especially when there is anticipated community or competitor opposition. On ballots or issues before local, state, or federal agencies, Calvert Street controls the message, builds support, and wins. Our team is motivated, competitive and loves nothing more than a victory.

What We Do

Referendums & Initiatives

More than any other kind of election, referendums hinge on the quality of the campaign. With no candidates on the ballot- and therefore no personalities, no name recognition, no incumbency- referendum battles depend entirely on messaging and mobilization. Years of experience with ballot initiatives and similar battles has given The Calvert Street Group the capability to effectively work towards a referendum’s success or defeat.

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US State & Local Affairs

Calvert Street has over 40 years of collective experience successfully managing projects at the local, state, and national levels in grassroots advocacy and lobbying administrations and legislatures. Our success is grounded in a simple philosophy: credibility and commitment. We never fail to deliver the truth, and always go the extra mile for our clients.

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Land Use

Calvert Street Group wins controversial land-use projects for our clients by handling the politics of the entitlement process.  We have managed and won land-use site fights across 31 states and Canada spanning dozens of industries. If you have encountered NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) opposition to a new project site or expansion, Calvert Street can help.

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Grassroots Lobbying

Calvert Street believes successful campaigns are grounded in effective grassroots lobbying. We take pride in starting at the grassroots level and incorporating information from real, on-the-ground research.

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Our Clients

Calvert Street is at the intersection of government, politics and grassroots campaigning. We work tirelessly to ensure our client's projects get off the ground.