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Using targeting technology and digital strategy, we create databases of supporters. Then, we carry out a classic campaign: knocking doors, having quality conversations and turning out advocates for that crucial hearing or big vote. We use proven methods to build organized networks.

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Politicians want to know what the voters think before making a decision. Calvert Street applies pressure on elected officials by building grassroots campaigns from the ground up, one constituent at a time. We encourage and sustain community-government conversation to deliver results.

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Calvert Street wins controversial land-use projects for our clients by managing the politics of the entitlement process. We have fought and won entitlements all over the country, across dozens of industries. If you are encountering NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) opposition to a project, we can help.

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The Calvert Street team has decades of experience managing grassroots campaigns at the local and state levels. We understand the unique process of organizing in town halls, community boards and state legislatures. We always find innovative ways to turn out support in all settings.

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Calvert Street knows that a successful campaign needs clear, persuasive talking points in order to effectively educate and inspire audiences to fulfill calls to action. Once tasked with a campaign, our team will begin strategizing key topics, phrases and words to include in our messaging across digital and in-person channels so that we can correctly convey your value proposition to all stakeholders.

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More than any other kind of election, issue campaigns hinge on the quality of the campaign and the diverse coalition built to support it. Referendum and initiative battles depend heavily on messaging and mobilization. We are experts in crafting strategic messaging and getting out the vote.

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We create digital campaigns that build movements and spark action. From social media creation and analysis to website building and online coalitions, we have the tools to build and activate support. We can tailor a plan that will help you win, whether it’s a municipal or federal issue.

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Calvert Street carefully manages the relationship between our clients and their audiences in both times of crisis and maintenance. We will work to gain strategic content exposure via shared and earned media as well as manage interactions with government stakeholders. We determine how communities and corporations can engage in mutually beneficial relationships and advocate accordingly.